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The stock adapter is designed for installation on the VPO-205 family of carbines with a folding stock. Can be used with both Commercial and Military pipes  .

Attention! The adapter is designed for use with  collimator sights , it will not work with mechanical sighting devices, since the adapter is with a high axis.


  • The lower weight compared to purely steel counterparts, since most of the adapter body is made of aluminum
  • Strength is the same as for adapters made entirely of steel.Since all stressed parts of the adapter are made of steel
  • Reduces toss barrel by moving the butt up axis relative to bore axis
  • Provides full folded butt
  • There is a mount for a quick-detachable swivel.The fastening is realized in the form of a steel screw in the aluminum body of the adapter. This gives the minimum weight, but the mount itself does not loosen during operation
  • On steel parts used as a coating carbonitriding that provides very high resistance coating
  • The adapter fully complies with the requirements of the gun law.

To install the adapter:

  1. It is necessary to remove the receiver cover, the return spring and the bolt frame.
  2. Knock out the pin of the standard stock attachment axis.(from bottom to top relative to the weapon).
  3. Remove the stock stock.
  4. Install the adapter.
  5. Put (press in) the standard butt attachment axis.

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PO-125, VPO-126, VPO-127, VPO-129, VPO-147, VPO-156, VPO-205-00, VPO-205-01, VPO-205-02, VPO-205-03, VPO- 205-04-06, VPO-213, VPO-222
173 G
Aluminum / Steel

Additional information

Upper Handguard

No Thanks, Lower Handguard Only, Khyber Custom AKM SWISS Grater, Russian AKM Wood w/ Retaining Clip


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