DAm2 ELITE Competition Shotgun – Benelli m2


ELITE Series DAm2

The DAm2 ELITE is a true competition grade shotgun built using the Benelli m2.  Nothing is held back in this all inclusive offering. This is an exclusive product from DA, and joint venture with Briley Manufacturing.

ELITE Features Included

  • M-Lok Handguard 10-14″
  • M-Lok Stage Saver Adapter
  • Match Grade Trigger Replacement
  • A&S Enhanced Trigger Guard
  • Extended Shell Release
  • Left Side Charging Handle (AMBI)
  • Panel Cut Carrier

PREMIUM Features Included

  • New Benelli m2
  • Action Tuning
  • Articulated Shell Latch!!
  • EZ Lever Bolt Release (choose color)
  • Carbon Magazine Extension (choose color)
  • Standard or Picatinny
  • Bolt Handle – Regular (choose color)
  • Briley Long Forcing Cone
  • Open Loading Port
  • Milled Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Dovetail Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • Extended Safety Button
  • Extended Lifter – TTI
  • BRILEY Extended Black Oxide Choke Set – Diffusion, Modified, Full

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